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Oz Unity – Diamond II-B 64 Release.
“Struggle is the food from which change is made, and the best time to make the most of a struggle is when it's right in front of your face.

Now, I know that might sound a bit simplistic, but, too often we're led to believe that struggling is a bad thing, or that we struggle because we're doing something wrong.

I disagree. I look at struggle as an opportunity to grow. True struggle happens when you can sense what is not working for you and you're willing to take the appropriate action to correct the situation. Those who accomplish change are willing to engage the struggle.” ― Danny Dreyer

To build upon the 'Ubuntu' base and provide a system which intermediate to advanced Linux users would find inviting and intuitive to use, enhanced with applications that the majority of users would require on a day by day basis which could easily be tailored to any individuals needs. We will continue to evolve into something that will become indispensable for personal computer users world wide.

Burn the downloaded ISO 'image' to a DVD and then boot from the DVD. Alternatively if you don't have an optical drive, you can create a startup disk to USB flash drive and then boot your computer from there.

Known Issues:
For people who wish to change the default language, please reinstall the package 'locales' via the Synaptic Package Manager after installation is complete.
Also, please delete the folder /home/.cache/thumbnails as root if you don't have thumbnails appearing.

If you would like to be part of this project, you are more than welcome to do so in whatever form you would like. From a tester, suggester to artist and coder. It should be fun and informative and together we may well just change the world.

Diamond is based on the Ubuntu 13.04 core. This IS NOT an LTS (Long Term Support) base and carries with it all the possible risks/issues associated with what I call a rolling release.
Whilst we've tried to test on as many different units as we could there is no guarantee it will work on all. If you like this remix, then GREAT! if not, thanks for trying but please don't 'hate' - we're simply trying to 'give back' to a community that has given us so much.

This has been a collaborative work, taking on board suggestions provided by the Oz Community. In great part, I would like to thank (in no particular order); Blackwolf, INX, linuxfreack, ryanvade, pam, LinuxPusher, Stanca and there are a whole bunch of people behind the scenes that help promote and distribute this remix.

64 Bit Architecture Computer
1Gb Ram (minimum)
15Gb Available HDD
Video Accelerator suggested but not essential.
MD5Sum: fa1c36b8ff85e1cd31d05bac6eda6105

Click this handy link;grin


"We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, united as one, divided by zero, expect us."
Oz Redux 64 (64) Ext4
Intel DG33FB Mainboard
Intel Core2Duo E8400
WD 250Gb Sata II WD2500AAKS (O/S)
WD 500Gb Sata II WD5000AAKS (Data)
GeForce 8600GT PCI-E 16x 512Mb 540 MHz


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Re: Diamond II-B Release

Post Number:#2 Postby Jaeger » Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:19 pm
Thanks alot! already downloading! ;grin
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