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From - TheeMahn

Ultimate Edition 2.4 Work in progress

Yes, I have been building Ultimate Edition 2.4; it is based on Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10. I am running it as a matter of fact. It was built off a daily build of 9.10. The final release of Ultimate Edition 2.4 will be re-built off a final of Karmic. This is just a screencast to get the juices flowing. It is lightning fast especially where booting is concerned. I have also developed a Ultimate Edition 2.4 theme pack (2.4.5), unreleased to the public currently. The theme pack will install in Ubuntu Karmic as I am doing in the screencast below on a raw copy of Karmic in a virtual machine.

Ultimate Edition 2.4 Theme pack (2.4.5):

* 4 GTK2 Themes
* 2 Usplash’s x86 / x64 (autodetects architecture)
* 4 Amarok Themes
* 13 Wallpapers
* Cairo clock theme (optional)
* 6 Compiz cubecaps
* 1 Skydome
* 1 Xsplash (karmic+ based distros)
* 4 Emerald themes
* 1 TTF font
* 2 GDM Themes (currently only in Jaunty or below)
* 1 Icon theme (~15,000 icons)
* 1 Sound theme

All is subject to change before final release. The default wallpaper changes color depending on time of day. This theme pack will be pre-installed in Ultimate Edition 2.4 when released. True work for me begins in 2 days. Just trying to make sure you ladies and gents don’t think I am screwing off over here ;) Sorry about the choppiness in the beginning of the video I am no longer running 2 video cards.

Youtube HD
Local server: 1680 X 1050, higher then HD ogv (linux) format ;)
Local server: 1280I AVI format (windows users)


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