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Oz Unity 1.0 Debut.

Since the introduction of Microsoft Windows, computing has become open to the masses. This in itself was a good thing as with general acceptance of computing came open information exchange and connectivity. Windows however, was designed to make money and as such was developed from a business perspective – not a social one. Linux had a similar issue, however, it had one thing in its favour – Open Source.

Open Source allowed Linux to evolve and become whatever visionaries could conceive. From a boring business server, scientific tool, educational device to a functional desktop personal computer. Anything was possible, and still is. Canonicals Ubuntu operating system has blazed the trail in creating a functional stable desktop usable by people with a moderate to high knowledge of computing – the problem here being that 85-90% of computer users fall beneath this level of computing knowledge.

Various projects have been started to address this problem, such as 'Ultimate Edition', 'Mint', 'Kubuntu', all of which are excellent and serve certain purposes. I enjoyed using each and still do, but something just didn't feel right, it just wasn't me. Users struggling with Windows and viruses and spyware etc.. were still dumbfounded and perplexed when trying to deal with a Linux operating system. There was a need for an operating system which was as easy as could be – both from an installation point of view and an ease of use point of view. Something with all the hard work done such as Codecs, Flash and Java. A healthy mix of commonly used and required applications, not a huge clump of programs causing confusion to new users. An operating system with a look and feel pleasant to a majority of new users – not just the enlightened geeks amongst us. An operating system which can easily grow and be tailored to your personal wants and requirements.

To create an operating system which would target new users to Linux or computing in general. An easy to install system which is inviting and intuitive to use, enhanced with applications that the majority of users would require on a day by day basis, which could easily be tailored to any individuals needs. In creating this project, we would provide the nucleus of this system and through consultation with the public on our forum, continue to evolve into something that will become indispensable for personal computer users world wide. During this process, we would also like to teach you how to create your own system – Give a man a fish...

Burn the downloaded ISO 'image' to a DVD and then boot from the DVD. Alternatively if you don't have an optical drive, you can create a startup disk to USB flash drive and then boot your computer from there.

Known Issues:
If you are installing side by side with other operating systems, you may see a 'mounting' error appear on screen during install. You may need to cancel this message two or three times and has no consequence on the installation. After installation, on restart, Grub will not show your other installed operating systems. Continue loading into Oz Unity. Once in Oz, press Alt-F2 and in the dialogue box, type: gksu update-grub and press enter. Enter your password when asked and that's it.

If you would like to be part of this project, you are more than welcome to do so in whatever form you would like. From a tester, suggester to artist and coder. It should be fun and informative and together we may well just change the world.

By downloading and using this system you acknowledge that Codecs, Flash and Java are pre installed and agree to their respective licences.

Blackwolf,Moebius,Wildinc & Wind, your forum administrators. ( A huge thanks to mmesantos1 for the amazing wallpapers & associated artwork.)

Download Link: Oz Unity 1.0 Download Link
Size: 1.8Gb (1907396608 bytes)
MD5Sum: 2e2d190e1c72357b58eed7c463c80bdc

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