joi, 5 noiembrie 2009


Multi deja va-ti intrebat ce este compiz-fusion si la ce foloseste.Unora chiar nu le foloseste si nu-i vad rostul.
Eu insa m-am gandit si mi-am zis ca,compiz-fusion nu este si nu poate fi doar un cool GUI si eyecandy.
Uitati aici un mic cuvant educational si poate edificant pt unii:

Compiz Fusion is compositing window manager (compositing window manager is a component of a computer's graphical user interface that draws windows and/or their borders. It also controls how they are displayed and interact with each other, and the rest of the desktop environment. The main difference between compositing window manager and a standard window manager is that instead of outputting to a common screen, programs each output first to a separate and independent buffer, or temporary location inside the computer. The output from these separate buffers is then processed and combined by the window manager, or composited, onto a common desktop. The result is that the programs now behave as independent 2D or 3D objects. Compositing allows for advanced visual effects, such as transparency, fading, scaling, duplicating, bending and contorting, shuffling, and redirecting applications. The addition of a virtual third dimension allows for features such as realistic shadows beneath windows, the appearance of distance and depth, live thumbnail versions of windows, and complex animations) Compiz Fusion is the result of a merge between the old Compiz community plugin set "Compiz Extras" and the parts of the Beryl project that are independent of the window manager core.
The aim of the project is to port almost all of the features of Beryl to Compiz plugins, and continue to write further Compiz plugins. At the same time, Beryl has been discontinued and Compiz will add some of the core changes made by Beryl to the Compiz core."

Veti gasi multe linkuri utile despre,ca de exemplu cele mai de capatai pt mine:
Si mai ales:
Recunosc ca mie imi place foarte mult compiz-fusion,ecomorph(E17-Compiz) si tot ce tine de eyecandy pe un desktop.Pe langa renumita stabilitate si rapiditate a Linux-ului,lipsa totala aproape a virusilor,freeware si GNU,acesta a avut cea mai multa influenta in decizia mea de a incerca Linux pt inceput si apoi o migrare aproape totala.

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