joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

What is Ultamatix? I would like to start off by saying the software if you so choose to install is based off "Automatix", but sold out to pioneer linux so no such thing anymore. I picked up the source and began continuing development. I love GPL.

Only the current no full changelog will be viewed here:

ultamatix-1.8.8 unstable; urgency=low
  • Changed version numbering to comply with debian standards
  • Added support for Linux Mint Gloria - thanks beta testers
  • Added support for Debian Lenny
  • Added Ultimate Edition 2.4 theme pack - beta this is for testing purposes it will set gdm etc.
  • Added Ultimate Edition 2.3 theme pack (striped setting GDM etc from the deb)
  • Added Cinelerra advanced video editor
  • Added Play on Linux
  • Added Entagged advanced MP3 tagger
  • Added Gmount ISO CD / DVD mounter
  • Added Fslint duplicate file finder
  • Fixed Flashplayer functionality
  • Added Hardware section, who knows where I will go with this
  • Added Ultimate G15 Toys for © Logitech G15 and G19 Keyboards many written / compiled by me
  • Started writing code to totally replace bash portion and set solid python, using synaptec as the frontend.
  • Uploaded debian based RTCW to the repo and re-wrote the routine
  • Added debian based True Combat Elite
  • Added Phatch batch image processor
  • Added Ultimate Edition Halloween theme
  • Fixed Java plugin routine now repo based
  • Added Azenis Theme Pack
  • Removed Vdrift - Discontinued
  • Added Backintime backup software thanks Amir

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